Friday, July 20, 2018


Welcome to Friday's Five! 

1 - I ran across this project on Pinterest. It's prettier than pretty. I love everything about this space. Click here to see this project by Tracey, the Porch Daydreamer.  

2 - I might actually enjoy laundry in some of these gorgeous laundry rooms.

3 - I would just like to say that my fiddle fig is doing pretty darn good. I think he's been with me now for four weeks. He has only dropped two leaves, and I feel certain he is about to sprout a new one any second. This article is full of fiddle fig inpsiration.

Image: Waiting on Martha

4 - You don't need a link for this one. Just head to your nearest grocery store. Trust me... :-)

5 - And, just in case you weren't around in 2015 when WBL came to be, here's a link to one of my favorite summer recipes, just in time for all those blueberries everyone's picking.

Enjoy your weekend!

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