Wednesday, June 05, 2019


I'm always looking for blue and white vessels and milk glass when I'm roaming a thrift store, but recently I added something new to my list of things to be on the lookout for: decorating books and books to decorate with. They usually cost next to nothing, and I've been lucky to find some that are in excellent shape. 

I also took a chance on Amazon and found some good prices on used books there as well. Here are the three used books I've purchased lately that inspired this post. I ordered Domino from Amazon for less than $8, and I found A Time to Plant by decorator James Farmer (one of my favorites) and the cute little book Mini Makeovers at a local consignment store.

Mini Makeovers is a little gem full of good takeaways, pretty vignettes, and room ideas. It's also full of hints and DIY projects. Here are a few.

One other used book I picked up "for my son" is this waterfowl book. It is filled with gorgeous images and would also be a good source for pictures to create a gallery wall full of birds in a boy's room or a guest room.

Now, for displaying the books other than the coffee table.

Stack them in a chair or on an accent stool. Mine are currently in an antique chair my mom gave me years ago topped with a small bowl (also thrifted).

Here are a few other pretty pictures and ideas for using, stacking and displaying books. I love the plant on this stack. Notice Sherry Hart and I have a book in common in our stacks. :)

From Sherry Hart (@sherryhdesigns)

Image: Laurey W. Glenn, via Pinterest

Design Sponge

Nora Murphy Country House

Instagram: @ourhomelyhaven

The Spruce via Pinterest
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