Wednesday, July 03, 2019


Last week I shared a few things that I found at the antique malls over the past month or so. You may have seen them already if you follow me on Instagram, which I hope you do! Today I'm showing you what I did with some of my haul.

I told myself I would never leave a large tray/basket behind again, so this one came home with me. It has a few broken pieces in the weave, but nothing so bad I can't use it. The plates were from two different vendors. I paid $8 for one and $2.50 for the other one. That's the thing about thrifting, if old stuff is your thing, you can find lots of things to love at great price points. And once you start thrifting often, you know what's a good price and what you should leave behind. I found the milk glass earlier in the summer. My favorite find of the day was the silver-plated bowl that I bought for only $2. It was tarnished terribly, but I knew it could easily be revived.

First things first.

I had to clean and polish the little silver bowl. This is what I use on silver and silver-plated objects. It is the best stuff and so easy to use. It comes with a sponge, and all you do is rub it on generously and rinse it off. For harder to clean objects, like my new old bowl, just go through the cleaning process twice. Try it for yourself here.


Once the bowl was all cleaned up, it only took me a minute to decide what to do with it--coffee filters. I'd been wanting to create a coffee station by the coffee pot, and when the filters fit in the bowl, I was on my way.

I started with a tray from Target that I'd had for a while. The trim is white, but the inside is a pretty natural wood shade.

After realizing the filters fit perfectly in the bowl, it started coming together. Look how well the tarnished bowl cleaned up. I bet if the vendor who sold it for $2 had polished it first, he/she may have gotten a bit more than $2.

I added our coffee to a candy jar, thrifted of course, that I found sometime around Christmas last year.

I added a few of my favorite old coffee mugs (OLD, OLD, OLD coffee mugs) that I drink from almost every day. Notice they have just a touch of blue. :)

Next, I added this flower vase from another spot in the house....

... and swapped out yellow tulips for these red ones I was using in the foyer.

Then I added the thrifted Churchill plate, the rose pink and white version of Blue Willow.

Now everything is at my finger tips when it's time to prepare and drink my coffee.

If you like this look, you can shop for similar accessories below to help you create your own organized coffee station.

Red Tulips  //  Silver Bowl  //  Tray   //   Coffee Mugs  //  Glass Jar  //  Red and White Plate

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a wonderful 4th!


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