Tuesday, October 29, 2019


I've been adding touches of fall here and there in my home lately since the weather finally decided to cooperate. It feels wonderful! I've even worn a sweater a few times already. I'm sure you guys are loving it, too.

You'll be shocked to find out I've created something in my home without using any blue and white. I know that's hard to believe, and it feels a bit strange, but it turned out to my liking anyway. :) It's the table in my dining room. It's all fancied up for fall. "Fancy" is probably too strong of a word--the table is actually pretty simple this year.

I was having trouble getting started because I loved last year's table so much. It had a lot going on, and this year I was going for less. But have no fear! Our Home Goods store is now here, and it helped me get the project rolling. I had to return something to TJ Maxx which means I also had to run next door and breeze through Home Goods, too. That's where I found my starting point: a gingham, fall-colored table cloth.

The only size they had left was bigger than I needed, but I bought it anyway and improvised. I tied up the corners all cute and hoped no one would talk about me for doing it.

Here are the napkins I bought to coordinate with the table cloth.

Then I found a cool basket. I knew it would be perfect for holding all sorts of pumpkins, pine cones, and candles. It has a gorgeous weave and high sides, and I love the handles.

At this point, I had the color scheme in my head. It was all starting to come together. I would use my white Strawberry and Vine dishes from Wedgewood, and white pumpkins like I have in the past.

On my next trip out and about, I picked up four of the cutest velvet-wrapped pumpkins. I also ran in Michael's and grabbed a few faux hydrangeas in an orange, light brown color.

Publix provided a few tiny real pumpkins, and I shopped my house for the final details. I put the basket in the middle of the table and began arranging everything, starting with a silver-plated champagne chiller I found last month thrifting for $10. It's not in perfect condition, but that's fine by me. I also added silver lanterns with white candles used in my last fall table.

For the centerpiece I mixed the fall-colored hydrangeas with the light green ones I already had. At the ends of the table I sprinkled a few leaves I had left over from last year.

And here is the basket and the table working hard to set the mood for Fall.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope it's a great week!


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