Monday, April 20, 2020


Hello, Friends!

I hope this post finds you all well and safe and at home. I know for most of us, this new normal has taken some time to get used to, but I've decided the slower pace is not all bad. 

One of the areas in my home I've worked on during the stay-at-home order is our front porch. Like I try to do most springs, I scrubbed down the door and trim with soapy water to get rid of the pollen and bug debris, and I probably used a half a bottle of Windex to clean the windows. I'm always blown away by how nasty it gets out there during the year-yuck.

For the summer look on the porch, I try to buy ferns from the baseball players at my high school, and I get the flowers for my front porch from our special needs students. They are AMAZING! and their teachers are, too. The students have their own green house and grow the prettiest geraniums. The only thing I didn't have was the welcome mat. Of course I had to rely on Amazon to help me finish up, because: stay home. 

This inexpensive little beauty was the ideal choice. The size is perfect, and the vibrant color really shows up well. I loved it even more than I expected to when it slid out of the box. Not only is it inexpensive and great quality, but it comes in so many good colors. 

Aqua // Black // Red // Navy // Yellow // Blue // Gray


For some reason the price varies by color, but they are all around 20$. I hope you see one you like!!

And finally, a few more shots of our finished porch. The photos are tricky because the lighting is so strange thanks to the track of the sun. Lots of crazy shadows, but you'll get the idea. :-)

Thanks for stopping by WBL. As always, I hope you find a little inspiration and smile a time or two while you're here.


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  1. I have so missed your blog lately! You have so many beautiful ideas that fit what I like. Keep it coming.
    Joy Orr

    1. Thank you so much, Joy!! So nice of you to say. I hope to get back in the swing of things. Stay well and safe.


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