Thursday, June 04, 2020


Now it's dad's turn--time to think about the fathers out there. Father's Day is June 21st, and will be here before you know it. Maybe this gift guide will help you get rid of the guess work.

Here are 15 ideas for Dad that I've rounded up from all over the place. Surely there is something here he will like. Let's see...

1. For the dad with a beard, a maintenance kit that includes a storage bag.

2. A military-style work watch. I really like the handsome look of it, and it has good reviews.

3. For the coffee-drinking dad, a handled Yeti coffee mug.

4. I wouldn't mind having this digital measuring tape myself.

5. This catch all, leather tray is great for keeping clutter off the kitchen counters. My husband was recently gifted one of these, and he is actually using it.

6. Portable car vacuum. I want one of these as well.

7. How about a water-proof blue tooth speaker? If he's washing his car (or yours!), it won't matter if it gets wet.

8. And speaking of music, wireless earbuds are a thought.

9. For the cook in the house, a tool set for the grill.

10. A t-shirt that says it all.

11. For the dad who uses a lot of technology, blue light blocking glasses.

12. Back and neck massager, with heat.

13. If your dad is traveling this summer or travels with his work, this is a good-looking travel bag.

14. Did you watch the space launch? A space read is timely.

15.  And finally, how about a putting green for the golfers.

Hopefully this helped you figure out an idea or two for dad.


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