Wednesday, June 24, 2020


As hard as it is to admit, I'm getting older. So to cut out some bending and lifting in the laundry room, I started looking for a laundry basket on legs. That way, instead of piling the clothes in a basket on the floor that I would then have to lift and move when I was ready to fold clothes, I could pull the clothes from the dryer and put them in a spot that wouldn't require any lifting. Our laundry room is too small for a folding table, so I usually travel to a different room to fold. But with this new basket, I can fold right from the basket and put the clothes on top of the dryer.

What I discovered in the hunt for a basket like this, is that there aren't that many good-sized (and good-looking) baskets on legs to chose from. They were either really expensive, out of stock, or they had bad reviews.

I finally settled on this one from Amazon, the Moda Home Vintage Reproduction Collapsible Rolling Metal Basket. That's some title! I didn't necessarily want it to have wheels, but that has been a nice bonus.

It was incredibly easy to assemble. It pops up, and you have to adjust a support bar that goes around the basket, and that's it. The bar did not fit perfectly (the only negative), but it doesn't matter to the security of the frame. It really couldn't be easier to set up.

The size is ideal for the two of us. Yes, just two of us now. Although I saw a meme not too long ago that said, "You're not really an empty nester until your kids get their crap out of the basement." We don't have a basement, but we do have several bedrooms and a storage room full of our kids' stuff!! Maybe one day soon we'll be official. :-)

My laundry room is actually pretty neat and organized at the moment. I cleaned it out top to bottom when we all had to come home thanks to the virus. Read a post about it here. And thanks to this new basket, I'm staying on top of the laundry way more than I ever have before. For those of you who decorate in the farmhouse style, this will fit in perfectly with your d├ęcor.

And now a few changes in the room...

Our laundry room needs to be painted and updated, but here are a few snap shots of small things I've done recently to show it some love.

I came across these two cute baskets my friend Angie was selling on a FB site. (10$ for both.) They are currently hiding socks without a mate.

My recently-found-thrifting wooden bowl now holds my dryer balls, and I brought in some cute jars for the grand puppy's snacks and the Tide Pods.

I purchased this inexpensive rug from Boutique Rugs. It's sold out now, but they have some really great rugs to chose from. This one is a 3x5.

Over on the other side of the room, I added a small lamp that I leave turned on when it's laundry day.

That's it for now in the laundry room. There is still so much more to do, but as you can see, even with just a few small changes, a room can feel fresh.

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