Friday, July 24, 2020


After weeks and weeks of staying put, I finally ventured out some over the past couple of months--wearing a mask, of course--and scored a few really good second-hand finds. I was only keeping my eyes open for one of the items on today's list and the other four were just too good to leave behind. I get asked often about where I like to thrift shop, so for my local readers, I thought I would share a list of places at the end of the post.


The thrift store find I'm most excited about is something I've been looking for for years. Remember this furniture post about drop-leaf, gateleg tables? I shared lots of examples of how versatile they are, and how pretty they look all over the house. Well, I'm now the proud owner of my own. I found it around the end of May and deemed it my Mother's Day gift to myself. For now I'm using mine as an end table, but with all the size options, thanks to the adjustable leaves, it could go about anywhere.


These candle sticks are in such great shape; there was no way I was leaving them behind. For now I'm using them on my coffee table as a stack topper. (I made that term up.) They are not light weight brass, really sturdy and heavy, and have a felt bottom. The pair is good quality, and I got them for less than $20.


Of all the goodies I'm showing off today, these are probably the best deal. If you have these anywhere in your home, you know they are not cheap. I've seen them different places priced anywhere from $40 - $80 or more. Y'all, I got these for $4 each. One is a bit more sturdy than the other, but they are both in fantastic shape. Very few places where the finish has been knocked off, and I have furniture markers that will fix any bad places right up.


Next up, napkin rings. They were in bad shape when I found them, but I knew my favorite silver polish would clean these right up. It took a lot of elbow grease, and I had to go over them about three times, but they looked brand new in the end. I haven't set a table with them yet, but I'm very much looking forward to using them on my fall and holiday tables.


After moving our television above the mantel, we suddenly had so much more wall space. That's when I realized I needed to start keeping an eye out for appealing wall art. I came across this small original oil at an antique mall in Birmingham called Irondale Pickers. The place was huge. I hope to go back soon, and really take my time browsing. This pretty flower picture is all I left with. For now I'm displaying the painting on an easel, but one day hope to frame it.

And those are my Five Favorite Thrift Store Finds of late.

As promised for the locals, here is the list of places where I like to relax. Not kidding. A couple of hours in a thrift store is a probably one of my favorite ways to unwind. You should try it. Sometimes I find nothing, and sometimes I hit it big. :-)

Alabama Antique Mall
Skyland Antique Mall
The Olive Tree
The Yard Sale

In Birmingham:
Irondale Pickers
The Brass Bear


  1. Irondale Pickers is just around the corner from me! Let me know when you're over this way again; I'd love to see you!

  2. Kathryn your finds are fabulous. I had large gateleg table I found in Pickens Co. My DIL has it now. As soon s I saw the candlestick, I knew they were Baldwin, and you absolutly stole those fishbowl stands. Thanks for sharing.

    1. When I first looked at the tag on the stands, I thought they said $40. :-)
      I did pretty good!

  3. I want those fishbowl stands!!


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