Tuesday, July 07, 2020


Hi, Friends!

I'm launching a new series on the blog today. It will be called Life Around the Lane. My plan is for it to be a monthly/bi-monthly feature. In the post I'll be sharing a little of everything, from new gadgets I've found, what our family has been up to, maybe some fashion, health and beauty aids--you get the idea. There probably won't be much rhyme or reason to it, but I do think it will be fun! And because this is the first one, I'm actually sharing a few things I discovered in April and May as well. (Honestly, this one should be called Life Around the Lane since COVID.)

So even though we are already into July
 (a bit off because of the holiday), 
here is Life Around the Lane: June 2020. 

This is probably strange, but I like having shoes on even when I'm hanging out in the house, and these have been great. They are more substantial than traditional house shoes, so I can also do things like take out the garbage or check the mail in them.

Most of the items I use for cooking are ooold. I took this time at home to finally replace a few items in my kitchen. This new set of measuring cups and spoons has been busy, and offers more sizes than my old mismatched set.

Back in February I took my annual girls' trip. This year we went to Austin, Texas. I have four friends that I've known since middle school, and we try to catch up once a year. I noticed my friend Meg was using these wool dryer balls, and I decided to try them.

I've been wanting white tulips and finally ordered some. Mine are sold out, but this set of 30 is very much like what I have.

Are you wearing reading glasses yet? My husband and I have to wear them just about all the time now. I bought these microfiber glasses cleaners, and they work great!

And speaking of reading glasses, I've read several books over the past few months. (Separate post coming about those later.) This is what I'm reading now. It had me from page one.

I ordered these tabbed sticky notes that I came across. I think school, whatever form it will be in, is going to be a mess, and I'm hoping these will help me stay organized.

I just finished this Netflix series. #lovedit

The daughter of my friend Staci who often helps me with the recipes I share, has started a YouTube channel. She loves to cook like her momma.

And finally, I'm getting a daughter-in-law! We are so happy for my son and his fiancé.

That's a quick update of things happening around WBL and of some things I've discovered lately. Already excited for next month's edition. :)


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