Wednesday, December 22, 2021


I'm still making tiny adjustments here and there, but I think the living room is done. At some point my husband asked me what I could possibly have left to do. But, I mean, sometimes it takes a while to get it to my liking. Anyway, I thought I would close out this year on the blog with a quick living room tour and share some last minute easy decorating ideas, so come on in . . .

 The Christmas Living Room

Add ribbon, tie a bow - instant Christmas.

Fill a pretty bowl with ornaments, as many as you can find!

Place some greenery of any shape or size throughout your bookshelves or on your table tops. 

Invest in pillow covers and throw blankets that you can reuse every year. Then, mix and match them with what you already have. This pillow cover is perfect for seasonal decorating. Most of my throw blankets around my room are from Home Goods. They always have a terrific selection. 

And now just a few random shots.

My kids did not like me changing out their old stockings, but I love these new ones.

And that's a Christmas living room wrap. 

My wish for you and your family this season is for you to experience Joy and Peace like never before. Here is an older post that I shared several years ago, but it will ring true always. 

Thank you for your encouragement and support of the Woodbank Lane blog. I'll see you again in January. 



  1. Your Christmas decorations were beautiful!❤️

    1. Thank you! Glad they were up before you got sick. :(

  2. Your Christmas decorations were beautiful! I got to enjoy them in person!


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