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Life Around the Lane: December 2021

No doubt like your December, our December was crammed full of people, activities, and places.  Unfortunately though, it was topped off with a case of Covid. My mom missed Christmas for the first time ever. She's recovering well, and I'm so grateful for that. I've been getting the house back in order, and preparing to go back to work for the spring semester. I'm halfway finished with my 25th year in the classroom. That seems CRAZY! (and makes me sound old. Ha)

Here's how we finished up 2021...

I snapped the camellia picture in the courtyard of my high school before leaving the for the Christmas break. Isn't it gorgeous? The jury is still out on whether or not we will have a winter here. As I'm typing this, it's 75 degrees out. (Edited to add: It snowed last night! #onlyinAlabama)

I'm terrible during the holidays to shop for myself as I'm shopping for others, so I ordered two of these. It's a new favorite for gathering inspiration. 

There are lots of December birthdays around here! My mother-in-law was first, then Mr. Woodbank, then me, and last but not least, my daughter-in-law. 

One of the two grandpuppies spent a little time with us! Always a treat and lots of exercise. 

I did a little baking. I made this cookie and baked these for my office staff at school. So yummy. 

Christmas came and went just as quickly as it always does, and then we decided to take off for a few days. Mr. Woodbank and I went to Atlanta to regroup and get ready for the new year. We stayed in a groovy hotel in midtown. Based on the design of the this hallway, I guess they knew I was coming. :-)

We visited three venues while there: the Downton Abbey Exhibition, the College Football Hall of Fame, and the High Museum of Art. I'll devote a full post to Downton Abbey later in January, but here are a couple of pictures for now.

The College Football Hall of Fame - the helment of every team. 

The High Museum of Art - it was worth every penny of the price of admission.

Most of my Christmas is taken down now and packed away. My real wreath-believe it or not-is still alive and looking pretty good. It'll stay up on my front door a little longer, and I'm leaving my tree up a few more weeks. But other than that, things are looking back to normal. Are you team "take it all down immediately" or team "let it linger a while"? (You can answer below at the end of the post.)

I finished a book and started this one. I'll have a book post to share this month also. 

We watched this limited series and although it was not your regular "who done it", I enjoyed it, and it's based on a true story. 

Now moving on to January... I'm hoping for a slow month. :-)

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