Thursday, March 16, 2023


It's almost here! Spring is in sight, and I couldn't be happier about it -- minus the pollen, of course -- and what better way to spring up your home than branches, blooms, and flowers. 

I've been doing some simple things to freshen and brighten things up around here like swapping out darker pillow covers for lighter ones, rearranging furniture, and making a new arrangement for my living room. That arrangement happens to be my inspiration for this post. 

In the fall of last year, I came across the prettiest faux flowers in my Instagram feed. They are from a Afloral. Are you familiar with them? I ordered these flowers late last fall, so I've been patiently waiting to use them. I brought them out a couple of weeks ago, and WOW, do I love them! 

They are incredibly real looking and stunning in person. A couple of weekends ago, we had lots of family visiting, and they all thought the arrangement was real. :-) My flower is the viburnum wildflower bunch. It looks like they are sold out of these, but they have so many other beautiful choices. I promise you, these are not the faux flowers of your grandmother's house, and they are worth it!!

Here are some other options that I think would be perfect for any home. The second one probably looks the most like mine, and I think the first one is spectacular. They also tell you how many they have in stock, which is a nice thing to know if you are trying to decide or wait on ordering. 

1 - Cherry Blossom   //  2 - Snowball Spray  //  3 - Blue Mini Berries 
4 - Sweet Pea Wildflowers   //  5 - White Ranunculus  //  6 - Forsythia

You can see their entire selection here. I would love to hear how you welcome spring to your house. You can always get in on the conversation in the "comment" section below! 


  1. Your table looks lovely. It definitely says, Spring!!! 🌸

    1. Thank you so much! I'm enjoying it. Thanks for stopping by the blog. - Kathryn

  2. Beautiful flowered stems. Loved them all! Thanks for sharing. ❤️ LM

    1. Thanks! I'm loving the spring feeling they add. Thanks for reading. - Kathryn


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