Tuesday, April 18, 2023


Do you love a wall full of art but not the price that comes with it? I can relate. I love full walls, but filling those walls can get expensive. 

I can't remember exactly how I came across this set of vintage-looking postcards from Amazon, but when I saw them, I had the thought that several of them framed alike and hung together on a grid would be a great idea somewhere in my house.

Originally, I thought about using them in my bathroom. They made me think about this room from the Southern Living Idea House that I visited in 2016 in Birmingham decorated by Lauren Leiss. 

Ultimately though, I used the cards in my kitchen. It got a partial face lift last summer. I painted it, and decided some of the cards would be perfect over a small table in the room. 

I chose to frame a few of the butterfly cards.

I bought a set of frames from Home Goods, and my go-to framers, The Frame Shack, framed them. They added the mats and finished them off perfectly. Here are the four I decided on. 

And here they are in their new home.

They turned out just the way I was hoping they would. I like them so much, I'm thinking about using some of the left over cards in other places in my house. 

Like this idea? Here are a few other sets of vintage cards for you to check out. 

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And a few sets of gold frames with good reviews.

SET 1     SET 2     SET 3     SET 4     SET 5


  1. This is beautiful! Such a great idea!

  2. They are beautiful! I have been thinking of doing the same thing in my dining room. You helped me make my decision!


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