Friday, April 17, 2015

Brass is back...

I'd never even heard of Bar Keeper's Friend...

...until I found an $8 tarnished brass tray that I couldn't leave behind. It was gorgeous, and I knew someone out there in the bloggersphere would have the information I needed to help me clean it up.

One of the blogs I like is Dimples and Tangles. So I emailed Jennifer@Dimples and Tangles and asked her what to do with my tarnished tray. This cleaner was her suggestion. I found it at Lowe's. In texture, Bar Keeper's Friend is a little like Comet. It was really easy to use. I just followed the directions on the can, and I couldn't believe what happened. It worked!

I'm using a tray in almost every room of my house (a post for another day), and this one landed on my coffee table.

Azaleas from my yard 
If you have some brass that needs a face lift, try this cleaner. I would just do a small area first to test it out. But I am pleased with my results.

How do you feel about brass? Click on comments below and let me know.
Have a great weekend!!


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