Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Sunday thought... A Favorite Verse

Several weeks ago, our Adult Bible Study teacher, Kim, talked to us specifically about memorizing scripture, actually she talks to us about it every week. However, this particular day she really challenged us.

During the following week, I came across this verse:

Look to the Lord and His strength; 
seek His face always.
Psalm 105:4

I loved it and decided it would be the next verse I would learn. And, I remember thinking, "How hard can it be; it's short?" Well, surprisingly, it was hard. I had to write it down a few times and continue to look at it for a couple of days. Age - I blame everything on my age. But, now I know it, I have it hidden in my heart. I can say it, and I find comfort in it. Most importantly though, I can share it when I need to. 

Those of you who have been with me from the beginning will remember Hannah. She did this for my daughter's college room. 

Psalm 105:4
It's one of my favorites now. Do you have a favorite? Share by commenting below!

Have a good week...

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