Wednesday, September 30, 2015

DIY Picture Display

My daughter and I collaborated on this cute picture display for her college apartment - she bought most of the supplies and I did the handiwork.  She found this open back frame in the clearance bin at Michael's. It had a few dings in it, but since it was going to be spray painted, we didn't let that stop us. It was both the perfect size and the perfect price. :-)

I had left over white spray paint from another project, so we went with white.

Here are the supplies you will need if you want to give it a try also, which I highly recommend. (It's pretty easy.)

String, small staple gun, decorative clothes pins, and a measuring tape. 

I'm not sure how I ended up with it, but the measuring tape pictured is my granddaddy's. No telling how old it is - maybe even thirty years.

After painting the frame and giving it time to dry, flip it over and use your measuring tape to decide where you want your picture lines to go. Remember to start high so the last line of pictures isn't hanging off the frame. This took me a few tries - thus all the marks. (Math and I don't get along.)

Staple the first line of string, pull taut across, and staple on the other side.

And, because I don't do math, I didn't really secure the string until I was sure I had measured correctly and they were in the right spots. Then I went back and secured them.

That's the entire process.

Then, just add your clips in the spots you want them...

...and add your snap shots. She has already filled it up with pictures and it looks cute! It's a fun alternative to the traditional picture frame.

It's homecoming week at my high school. It's always great fun for the students, and really the teachers, too, but it wears us out!

Hope you are having a good week!


  1. Love!! This will be perfect for Peyton's monthly photos! I've been trying to find a cute way to display a collage of them without having a wall full of frames! :)

    1. Yes! That will be perfect. It was really easy and you can do it in an afternoon :-)


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