Monday, October 26, 2015

A little progress in my son's room...

Ok, so before I begin, here are all the reasons I haven't gotten very far in redoing and updating my son's room:

1. Summer ended.
2. Summer ended.
3. Summer ended.

You get the picture. I shared a little about my plans here. Once I'm back in the classroom full time, the updating, doing, and redoing tends to take a back seat. But, I have managed to get a few things done. And, after all, a little progress is better than no progress. Don't you agree?

I've hung the United States picture that I ordered from Smallwoods. A little more about the picture here. (The cost has gone up slightly.)

I found a shade at Lowe's for the cute lamp I picked up from the Salvation Army thrift store.

I ordered two of the Kallax shelving units from Ikea. (The first thing I've ordered from them - very pleased.)

And, I found a navy striped clothes hamper that I love at Sam's for less than $20.00. Mr. Teenager said it was girlie, but it's staying.

I'm hoping to pick up the pace in the next few weeks. With Thanksgiving break (we get the whole week off this year. Yay!) and Christmas break coming up, I'll have a dab more free time.

That hamper's not girlie, is it?

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