Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Today I'm sharing a DIY art project that helped me wrap up the dining room refresh. It only took one afternoon and just a few materials. 

What I used

Copy paper or card stock
Ruler/Yard stick
1/2 inch paint brush
Painter's Tape or Frog Tape

Several months ago--I think it was before Christmas--I came across these gold frames at Michael's. They were marked down to 9.99 in a clearance bin. I had to get them. I knew I would put them to good use, eventually.

So one afternoon as I was trying to figure out what direction to go in the dining room, I had the crazy idea to create my own art and use the gold frames that were patiently awaiting a tenant.

These will give you an idea of what I was hoping to accomplish.

Birch Lane


I didn't want anything too fancy, just some color and some character which abstract art definitely gives. 

What I did

I started by taping off an area slightly bigger than the opening of the mattes in the frames--about 5 1/2" by 7 1/2." Next, I simply started making marks, swirls, some cirlces, half circles, etc., with the small paint brush. The first three came easily and only took one draft. I liked them immediately. But for some reason, I had trouble getting the fourth one to look acceptable and blend with the other three. It took at least three tries before I was happy with it.  

After each one dried, I took the mattes from the frames, placed them over the paintings, cut them to size, taped them in place, and put the frames back together. 

Where I hung them

I ended up putting them vertically on both sides of the China cabinet.

I also think these would be really cute in a nursery or child's room in other colors. The paint is less than $1 and it really took no time to complete the project. So the next time you come across inexpensive frames you love, go ahead and grab them. We'll find--or create--something to go in them!


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