Thursday, July 25, 2019


My summer is coming to a close, but my summer table is still going strong. It's been decorated for a while, but I'm just now getting around to showing it to you. And just to clarify, I'm not having friends over any time soon, but I love having a set table! When I walk through the room, I get a little giddy. 

I had everything except the flowers set up and arranged by June. I didn't cut the flowers until July. I think they bloomed a little later than normal this year. They are from the front entrance at the high school where I teach. And thankfully, I didn't get in trouble for swiping what I needed to complete my table. (My principal is actually a blog reader, so he gave me a pass. Thanks, Mr. Hinton! I'll be starting my 23rd year of teaching next week!)

Limelight hydrangeas have to be one of the prettiest flowers to fill vases and jars. Because they are such big flowers, they really don't require a lot of arranging. Trim back the leaves and stick them in your vessel. Then, just move them around until the arrangement looks good to you. But FYI, they shed when they begin to wilt. 

To get things started, I used this square table cloth that I bought last year for my daughter's graduation party. It obviously can't cover the entire table, but I like to have some of my table showing. Is that strange? Do you need a basic white table cloth? You can see it here.


I used these round placemats that I found at Kirklands back in May. They were part of my Mother's Day gift that I picked out for myself. Do you do that, too? I checked, and they are sold out of mine, but Target has these and Amazon has this set of four and this set of six if you're interested.

The only thing I bought specifically for the summer table was a set of gingham napkins. I absolutely love anything gingham! I found them here


For everything else, I shopped my house. I almost always use my white Wedgewood Strawberry and Vine dishes and mix other dishes with them. This time I mixed the blue and white bread and butter plates from the Liberty Blue collection. 

Here are the glasses I used. You've seen them before if you remember my fall table from last year

It all came together like this:

The center piece of my the table this time around was the largest of my three double happiness jars. I have two that are almost identical, found on two different occasions thrifting. But this one is taller and did not have a lid with it when I found it. That didn't keep me from snatching it up. Besides, it will just about always have something pretty in it and will not need the lid. 

After the limelights wilted,  I used my faux hydrangeas that move around all over the house. I only have three stems of these and wish I had bought more of them.

I also added two other small arrangements I was using on my bookshelves. I like the look of the crisp white in contrast with all the bold blue. 

Then, for some color on the summer table, I added bright-colored fruit to my little silver bowls I've been collecting and reviving over the past few months. See how I used one other bowl here. My favorite polish for these cuties can be found here

To see a few other tablescapes I've created, click here and here.

Nothing too perplexing, just lots of my favorite things all in one place. Or I guess I should say, "all on one table." :-)


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