Friday, July 19, 2019


Guess what? This is blog post #300 for me!!  Thank y'all for hanging around and being so sweet and encouraging to me in my little corner of the Internet! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and may we all have an early fall. This heat is about to do me in!!

Here are the links for this edition of Friday's Five. 

2. I hope you know Kim at Savvy Southern Style. You'll want to meet her if not. She never sits down! Every time I stop by her blog, she has just painted something or rearranged something else. She wears me out! Ha. She has one of the prettiest homes. It's Southern with a French twist.

3. A beautiful portfolio to explore: M + M Interior Design 

Image via M+M's portfolio

4. Beautiful ideas for summer home decorating from Yvonee at Stone Gable.

5. My friend Staci told me about this book. It's pretty good so far. I just wish they didn't want me to exercise so much...

Now, on to the weekend!

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