Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Five Favorite Thrift Store Finds

I know you love a good thrift score as much as I do. I always get lively feedback when I share my second-hand treasures. I think you will feel that way again when you see the goodies that came home with me over the past few months. 


This pair of small vintage chairs is my most recent find. The cane bottom is in perfect shape on both chairs. For now they are in my bedroom. One is truly an accent chair for giving a dash of character and an added layer to the room, and for now I'm using the other one to sit in while doing my makeup. They are in really good condition and have the prettiest detailing on the backs and top. (For the pair, $40)


Back in October I found this dainty glass bowl. It will be perfect for holding/displaying different objects all throughout the year. Right now it's holding acorns from our yard, and pretty soon I'll swap them out for small, decorative Christmas ornaments. 


My friend Anne has two booths at the Alabama Antique Market, and that's where I found my candle snuffer. A couple of weeks before I bought this one, I saw one used in a vignette on Instagram or it may have been in a magazine, and I remember thinking I'd like to have one of those. Then on my next trip to Anne's booth, she had two. This is the one I chose. 


This small scalloped hobnail vase is my latest piece of milk glass. Some people collect things just for the sake of collecting, but I actually use my milk glass for lots of things around the house. Any time I can, I use the larger pieces in my collection to serve food or snacks or hold utensils and maybe napkins when I have guests. On my bathroom counter, I'm using five small pieces, including my new one, to hold make up, soap, and Q-tips. 


To close out this round of thrift scores, a champagne chiller that I'm using as a planter. I have actually found two of these lately. One was $10, and I think I paid $12 for the one pictured. And does that bird's nest fern look great, or what!? 

Bonus find: That cute brass planter from the opening photo is also something I found lately!

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